Acura Tire Service

Acura Tire Service

Eugene Acura Tires

Our knowledgeable team at our Acura Service Center is here to help you find the right Acura tires you’re looking for. We’ll make sure that you get the proper tires to fit your Acura car or SUV. Schedule service online to save time on your next tire inspection in Eugene. The job of our service technicians is to make sure that your car will keep you safe on the road. A tire pressure check is a small step that you can take to ensure that your tires are safe for the road ahead.

Routine Wheel Alignment & Tire Rotation in Eugene

Your tires are the only physical connection between your car and the road. Your tires can’t just be great quality, because that’s only one factor. They also need proper maintenance with regular Acura tire service. Tire pressure dissipates over time and can lead to uneven tread wear, not only shortening your tires’ lifespan, dangerous traction issues, especially in extreme weather conditions. In addition to this, improper installation of your tires can lead to unbalanced wheel rotation and instability while driving.

We know what you’re thinking; all of this sounds very expensive! So, how can you prevent it?

Get your Acura tires serviced right the first time at Kendall Acura. Our expert technicians will install your tires, perform a maintenance check, and help you choose the right winter, all-weather, or summer tires for your vehicle. We also have many tire-related services at our Eugene Acura dealership such as wheel alignments, tire & wheel balancing, tire rotation, and tire pressure checks.

We have the latest in technology to make sure your next tire rotation or wheel alignment is fast and high quality.

Acura Winter Tires

Winter tires don’t behave like all-season tires, and their distinct differences can be the difference between stopping safely and skidding out in an emergency braking situation. Winter tires have special winter-grade rubber designed specifically to increase traction, handling and braking in cold weather conditions including ice and snow.

One of the most common questions we are asked at Kendall Acura come the winter season is, “How many winter tires should I get?” Having four winter tires on the road is not just recommended, it’s necessary.

In RWD and FWD vehicles, drivers think that the two drive wheels are the only important factors when changing to winter tires and the other two tires are just along for the ride. This mindset is outdated and no longer relevant because the design and composition of modern winter tires have changed greatly. Today’s winter tires are made of different composites and designs that increase winter weather traction by 25 to 50 percent more than older tires. The rubber used on modern winter tires also helps adapt your driving experience toward dry and wet road conditions.

Using just two winter tires on a vehicle results in uneven traction that can have serious handling consequences. Using four winter tires ensures optimal traction and control for your Acura car or SUV. Please always use four winter tires, to ensure you and your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment for a new set of Acura tires or an Acura tire service at Kendall Acura.